How do I obtain a resident ID or Season Pass?

Anyone who owns property or currently resides in the City of Bridgeport is eligible for resident rates. In addition, any employee of the City of Bridgeport is eligible. Students at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield University and the University of Bridgeport are also eligible for resident rates. There is a $25 upfront charge for a resident ID. Season Passes have this cost built in. At the time of purchase, residents will need to verify your eligibility with a photo ID, as well as either a current tax bill or utility bill. City of Bridgeport employees need a photo ID as well as a current pay stub. This does not apply to non-resident Season Pass applicants.

Where and when can I purchase my resident ID or Season Pass?

We sell resident ID’s/Season Passes at the golf shop front desk. We begin issuing resident ID’s/Season Passes on April 1st. We sell them at anytime on weekdays, but only after 12pm on weekends and holidays. Applications take 24 hours to process, so plan ahead and sign up before you’re ready to play so you can receive your discount the first day.

How long is my resident ID/Season Pass good for?

Resident ID’s/Season Passes will not expire until May 1st of the year after purchase, no matter when the pass was purchased.

Is a Season Pass the right option for me?

The general rule of thumb is that you will begin saving money after you have played 35 rounds. Of course, this all varies depending on whether you will be walking or riding and whether you play on a weekday or weekend. Each individual case is different; so don’t be afraid to ask us for help figuring out what is right for you. If you take the time and do the math, you may be surprised at how much you can save. And don’t forget to factor in Fall and Winter golf.

Does my resident ID/Season Pass entitle me to preferred tee times?

No. The only way to get preferred tee weekend times is by joining the Men’s or Women’s Club. For more information about this, please ask, or refer to the information posted in the hallway between the Golf Shop and Vazzy’s Snack Bar. Everyone else can make the 18 hole tee times 7 days in advance by calling 203-373-5911, booking online or in person in the Golf Shop.

What are the ages to be eligible for Senior/Junior rates?

Senior means anyone 62 years or older on July 1st of the year the pass is purchased. Junior means anyone 17 years or younger on July 1st of the year the pass is purchased.

Do I need to purchase anything to be eligible for Senior/Junior non-resident rates?

No. We will not make you purchase an ID card. However, you may be asked for proof of age when you buy your ticket.

My son/daughter is in the first tee junior golf program; do these rates apply to them?

No. If your son/daughter is a member of the First Tee, they will be issued a card by the First Tee, which will entitle them to a special rate. Please call Coleman Davis at 203-374-7779 for more information about this rate or entry into the program.

I am a non-resident and I don’t qualify for senior/junior rates, is there any discount for me?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of Weekday and Weekend specials. Please check out the rate sheet for more information.

Do you charge weekend/holiday rates on Fridays?

No. Weekend rates only apply on Saturday and Sundays and Holidays. Holidays are defined as: Opening Day/Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day.

How do your rates compare to other golf courses in the area?

We strive very hard to keep our rates as low as possible. Generally speaking, you won’t be able to find better prices anywhere in the area. But don’t take our word for it, look around and compare. We are confident we offer the best deals to go along with excellent conditions. We think we are, by far, the best value in Southwestern Connecticut.

What rules or regulations do I need to know about?

Mainly, we ask that you treat the course, cart, and your fellow golfers and respect. We ask that you observe proper golf etiquette and do not damage the course or cart. We have a dress code requiring men to wear collared shirts or mock turtlenecks and women to wear appropriate golf attire for the entire round. We ask that you do not wear denim jeans, tank tops, cut-offs, or clothing with offensive words/images. We ask that you always register with the starter prior to teeing off. We do not permit more than 4 players in a group or spectators without a ticket and golf bag. We ask that you play ready golf, so that it takes no more than 4 1/2 hours for 18 holes and 2 1/4 hours for 9 holes. Please do not stop for more than 5 minutes at the turn. We also expect that you only play the holds you paid for and in their proper sequence. We ask that you do not play multiple ball or practice shots. We ask that you always replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers. We ask that you keep carts on the cart path around tees and greens, that you follow the instructions on the cart as well as any special restrictions (i.e. 90 degree rule/cart path only), and that you return the cart in the same condition you found it. We do not allow coolers or non-Vazzy’s food and beverage on the course. Repeated failure to comply with these rules could result in the suspension of playing privileges and/or loss of discounted rates. We have these rules in place to make the golfing experience as fun as possible. If you operate within these guidelines, you won’t have any problems with us and we think ultimately you’ll find your round more enjoyable!